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3-month Couple Coaching

"Fulfilment and Pleasure" is a powerful and innovative coaching program, specifically curated to boost expansion, attraction and desire in your relationship, combining both couple and individual coaching.

There is a big difference between being in relationship and having sexual attraction and desire : The relationship grows and strengthens through emphasising sameness (values, projects, aspirations, etc). Desire, attraction and sexuality are born and fuelled by difference (polarity) and therefore complementarity. Consequently, the more the relationship grows and settles in time, the more we will generally focus on sameness as the building blocks, and the less we will cultivate and honour our differences and polarity. From there, over time, many couples experience an erosion of their desire for one another, or find that there is a lack of space & time in their lives for sexual attraction to express itself and develop. Add a couple of children in the mix and you probably get the picture!

We tend to think that desire is something elusive, that is either there or not, and over which we have no influence. 

This is a myth and a fallacy. Our experience is that it is quite the opposite. Desire can be created, increased, modulated. We all have the ability to evoke desire consciously whenever we choose to. And, cherry on the cake: it's relatively easy to do!

Who is this coaching for ?

The "Fulfilment & Pleasure" 3-month coaching program is designed for couples who:

  • Have established and stabilised a solid foundation of connection & intimacy, and who wish to develop in areas such as feminine and masculine energy, desire and attraction, seduction and play

  • Feel that their relationship is ready for more expansion

  • Want more out of their relationship

  • Feel the need to explore and enrich both their individual and complementary energetic essences to ignite the sexual polarity dance consciously and playfully in their relationship

Pre-requisite: Couples have to have gone through  the 2-day "Reconnect"private intensive. Experience shows us that the ground covered in "Reconnect" is a stable and solid foundation upon which we then can learn to play safely and healthily with our masculine and feminine sexual energies.

What can I get out of this coaching ?

Intimacy, connection, desire, attraction, sexual fulfilment, life force, pleasure, discovery, presence, flow, radiance, and so much more!...

Once the stability and safety of connection is established, we can then invite the conscious play of masculine and feminine energies, as taught in tantric traditions and the work of our teacher David Deida.

Each of us have these complementary masculine & feminine energies in us, but one of them will be closer to our deepest energetic essence. Being in our masculine or feminine essence is a true gift for oneself, first and foremost, but it's also something we can offer to our partner. When we are able to do so, our relationship and life can flourish into a whole new exciting dimension.

"Learn how to consciously develop, embody & play

with your deepest masculine and feminine essences

to create the life, relationship and sexuality

you've always yearned for" 

Flourish into a whole new exciting and juicy dimension of your relationship

What's in the program ?

The "Fulfilment & Pleasure" 3-month coaching program includes couple sessions (4 of us together), as well as 1:1 individual sessions to deepen specific masculine and feminine energy practices and cater to your individual growth edges.

The program consists of : 

  • 2 * 1h30 couple sessions

  • 2 * half-day couple sessions (4 hours each)

  • 3 * 1h30 individual sessions

  • Unlimited e-mail access 

  • A bonus of  2 "Laser" sessions (30 min each), by Skype or by phone, for one of you or together, should you express the need 

Prior to the program we will :

  • Define both your couple and your individual coaching objectives. We will do this through a 30-45 minute Skype or phone call

  • Schedule all of our sessions. The rhythm is generally a session every two weeks over the 3 months 

  • Draw up a coaching contract, detailing your objectives, roadmap and practical modalities

How much is the investment ?

The investment for the 3-month "Fulfilment & Pleasure" coaching program is CHF 2'797.- when paid in full prior to the start of the program,

or CHF 2'949.-  for a monthly payment (3 instalments of CHF 983.-) 

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