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2-day private intensive

Some of us have become so disconnected and guarded with one another that we have lost the ability to create a nourishing & inspiring relationship space. Others might be closer in their relationship, but daily life is getting in the way and they are feeling like they're living alongside each other. The sparkle and magic is missing.

"Reconnect" is a 2-day private intensive that will help you take a quantum leap forward in your relationship and your ability to connect deeply and sustainably with your partner, wherever your relationship is at the moment . It will also dissolve some of the major obstacles that are currently getting in the way of you living your deepest aspirations in your relationship.

We teach couples how to create the conditions for connection and space for new possibilities. Couples experience and learn how to clear the pollution and obstacles out of their relationship, and reconnect in a much deeper, richer and playful way. 

Upon completing "Reconnect", not only will you already be at another level in your relationship, you will also be equipped with powerful tools and techniques to easily resolve conflict, communicate effectively and more satisfyingly, and enhance your connection together. They will enable you to sustain what you have experienced during the 2-days with us, to integrate them in your daily lives and continue deepening your journey together.

For who ?

"Reconnect" is for couples who are going through a rough patch, whose relationship is not going so well and are feeling disconnected or with a lot of distance & tension between them.

They sense that they are stuck, repeating the same patterns, and something needs to shift, or things could get a lot worse in future. 

"Reconnect" is also designed for couples who are currently "keeping things together" but who know that they tend to avoid the "hot topics" and are coasting along. In the back of your mind you have an inner sense that your relationship could be more fulfilling, richer and more satisfying.

Why do a 2-day intensive, and not sessions ?

In our experience, working within an intensive format enables deeper, faster, and longer lasting transformation than the traditional weekly session format. 

Research shows that humans need 4 to 5 hours to think about something important, to have a different experience and learn new skills, and then to get that embedded in them on a cellular level. In that quality of space and time, what is experienced is not just an insight but there really is a before and after state. There is transformation. When that happens, couples aren't trying to be different, they are different.

A precious opportunity to slow down and truly meet

What does an intensive look like ?

  • The four of us first meet for a two-hour discovery session. The discovery session is built to give you a taste of the experience that we offer, get to "feel each other out" so that we can all assess whether "Reconnection" is right for you. Wether you decide to journey further with us or not after the session, you will already walk away with some insights and techniques. 

If you decide that "Reconnection" is what you have been looking for and you are fired up to journey with us :

  • We will meet for two consecutive days

  • We will start at 9:00 and finish around 17:30 on both days

  • We have a map of the two days which starts with what you really want from this relationship, and works through to the most difficult things that are getting in the way of you living your deepest relational aspirations

  • We will show you a way to dissolve those obstacles. Not compromise, but really dissolve some of those issues that have really been troubling your relationship

  • We will show you a profound guiding principle that will shift the atmosphere between you and that will help you create the conditions for connection that are so important. In that deep connection, you will be able to go to those core issues and sort them out. You will begin to clear some of the pollution that builds up between two people when they are in an intimate relationship

  • You will learn a particular way to express gratitude and appreciation to each other that will nourish your relationship and enrich it

  • After the two-day intensive, you will receive the notes from your journey and ressources to continue journeying together

What's the investment ?

The two-hour discovery session is CHF 250.-

The investment for the two-day intensive session is CHF 2'800.-

50% is payable upon booking and the remainder is due 5 days prior to the intensive.

In the case of cancellation less than 14 days prior to the date of the intensive, without postponing to a later date, the 50% paid upon booking will be kept.

In the case of cancellation less than 5 days prior to the date of the intensive: with postponing to a later date, 50% is kept for cancellation fee; without postponing to a later date, the all investment will be kept.

What about after the intensive ?

The 2-day "Reconnection" Private Intensive is a profound and transformational experience. To let the work land and integrate in your lives, we recommend at least 3 to 4 months before going any further.

Should you then wish to adventure even further together, there are two possibilities:

  • Book another one-day intensive to focus on a specific topic you would like to work on or refresh to go even deeper 

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