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Sep 29th - Oct 3rd 2018   Wangen, Germany

A 4 day exploration laboratory to embody your masculine presence and feminine radiance, whether you are single, in an intimate relationship or wanting to deepen passion with your partner.

Fully meet and play in deep connection, vibrant aliveness and pleasure. Learn how to replenish your life force, consciously nourish your relationships and create genuine intimacy.

"Meet in Deep Connection, Vibrant Aliveness & Pleasure"

The essence of human being is in connection. We are born in connection, we are hurt when we feel disconnected, and we heal again in reconnection.


To reconnect, following Hedy Schleiffer’s work, we can learn to use three invisible connectors.

These three invisible connectors are the relational space, the bridge between two individuals that connect to their two worlds, and the encounter of the souls.


There is something incredibly healing and powerful in being fully seen and fully met by another.

This is the starting point of intimacy, and getting to know, feel and reveal yourself in connection. From this quality of meeting, possibilities and potentials can manifest limitlessly in you, in your relationships and in your life.


Once the stability and security of the connection is established, we can then start inviting the conscious play of masculine and feminine energy. We all embody both masculine and feminine sexual energy, however, we also have a dominant essence, be it masculine or feminine. For many reasons, historical, cultural, psychological or due to our emotional wounds, we have rarely been taught of their existence, and even less how to use them with awareness. The result can be witnessed in the world with all the confusion, misuse and abuse of sexual energy.


The good news is it can change now!

If guided, everyone can easily learn how to feel, embody and gift masculine presence and consciousness, and feminine flow and life force. When used consciously in the relational space, the play of the masculine and feminine enables attraction, passion, sexual fulfillment, creativity and co-creation… and so much more!...

Bringing the best of relational and psycho-emotional therapies, as well as tantric and energetic work, Emma and Sebastien guide both couples and singles to:


  • Learn how to use the three invisible connectors to create deep and authentic connections

  • Experience the healing of being truly seen and truly met

  • Feel the distinction between masculine and feminine energy and explore their different colours and flavours

  • Reconnect, embody and move from your energetic essence

  • Strengthen your nervous system, emotional and energetical body to sustain a deeper and more intense connection

  • Learn how to consciously create attraction, passion and sexual intimacy


During this two-and-a-half-day retreat, you are going to work with:


  • Experiential learning with a strong emphasis on movement and embodiment through easy and practical exercises that you will be able to take back to your daily lives

  • Specific men’s and women’s practices

  • Teaching and Q&A sessions

"embody, move and play from your energetic essence"

Open to men and women, both couples and individual participants.

We ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshop for cohesive practice forms. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. There is no nudity or explicit sexual touching in the workshop.

We ensure a bright, clear, safe and strong container through open-hearted service, integrity, clear boundaries and distinctions.

When, Where & How much ?


Etang Verchat, 90 100 JONCHEREY

60 minutes from Basel Airport


Price :

- Seminar : 394 € 

- Full board : 

(shared accommodation, meals, breaks)

- Extra : + x€ for a single occupancy

Please, be aware we are opening this event to a limited number of participants, so please reserve your place soon.


This event is strictly gender balanced and requires an application in order to ensure a cohesive group for practice.

15 - 17 September 2018

  • I'm single. Can I participate ?
    Yes ! This retreat is open to everyone who wants to create more depth and connection in all of their relationships. Everything we explore can be useful and applicable whether you want to meet a new partner, are at the beginning of a new relationship or in a more established partnership. You are going to work with every participant, whether he / she is in a couple or not.
  • We come as a couple. Can we just work between the two of us ?
    First of all, no one is pushed or forced to do anything he / she doesn't want or feel. So, you could decide to work only as a couple if absolutly needed. Nevertheless, we suggest to work with other partners for some exercises : you will be able to enrich your "relational vocabulary" as you will have the opportunity to receive different feedbacks and to experiment new flavours. It is important to remember that we create a safe and respectful container with strict rules.
  • You say we will do some embodiment practises : do I need to be in a good physical shape or trained ?
    Indeed, developping our ability to connect and be in relationships goes through embodiement. We will do some specific exercices using our physical body, and usually everyone can do it. You don't need to be specifically trained to participate to this retreat. It's also good to know that it's important for us to respect any kind of limitations you could have : physically or emotionally.
  • It's a residential retreat, but can we stay somewhere else ?"
    We propose a residential retreat on purpose : it helps the work process and integration by keeping you in a specific "energetic grid" created to sustain you. For this reason, we ask every participant to stay in the same place.
  • I'm not completly fluent in english : can I participate ?
    This retreat will be held in english. Participants will come from all over Europe, and not everyone is fluent in english. Most of all, most of the time we will do some practises that do not require to speak all the time. Also, teachers are fluent in french if needed (with some basics in german and spanish, just in case ! ;-) ). If you can read this web page, you surely are speaking enough english to participate !
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